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Hard Drive Data Recovery

Have you lost your files to bugs, power-supply failures, or hardware failures? Where data loss is common and can happen to anyone, not being able to get those files back is a nightmare.

USB Data Recovery

While keeping a USB’s ease-of-use in mind, you should be aware that like all technological devices like USBs are very prone to damage. Let the experts at EZ Data Recoveries help you.

SSD Data Recovery

The solid-state drive, SSD, has rigid parts and comprisesof flash memory chips acting as the drive’s storage device. Like any other mechanical hard drive, your SSD can suffer logical or physical drive failures.

MAC Data Recovery

EZ Data Recovery Data Recovery specializes in recovering your data from various devices, including all versions of MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. We can help you recover your data from any Mac devise.

PC Data Recovery

Your Windows Personal computer is not booting or data corrupted, our experts at EZ Data Recovery can recover the data from the most corrupted windows operating system at a minimal loss.

Server Data Recovery

No matter if your hard disk failure occurs on a Server or a data center a laptop or a  desktop, EZ Data Recovery have a solution your failed server hard drive or storage devise.

RAID Data Recovery

RAID technology utilizes multiple hard disks to help protect data in the event of a failure. But , not all RAID levels provide redundancy and are vulnerable to data loss.

External Hard Drive Recovery

External Hard Drives are convenient and easy to use. But they are also easy to damage and lose your precious data. We work on all External Hard Drive Data Recovery.
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No data is truly lost at EZ Data Recovery. We have the technology to recover any files thought to be lost forever from any type of hard drive there is, including data from failed camera cards, flash drive tapes, and phones.

Most Popular Data Recovery Services 

Mac Data Recovery

MacBook Data Recovery

If you’ve lost MacBook data, No Worries we have you covered! Our Expert Technicians and proprietary software can effectively restore deleted files and regain complete access to your lost Mac data.

PC windows data recovery

Microsoft Windows Data Recovery

We understand the frustration with Windows when your PC give you the blue screen or no boot devise found. Our windows and PC technicians can work on the hardware or software failure and restore your data %100.

SSD data Recovery

SSD Data Recovery

SSDs are faster and more more resistant to physical shock and external damage , but they are still vulnerable to data loss. At EZ Data Recovery we work on all type of SSDs , External , internal , PC SSD , MAC SSD and more.

USB flash drive Data Recovery

USB Flash Data Recovery

In particular, USBs are the fastest and easiest way to transfer your data from one device to another. They are a high-speed digital storage option that is pretty handy when offering you utility and easy accessibility. You can use a USB storage device for long-term and short-term storage.

Liquid Spill Data Recovery

Liquid Spill Data Recovery

If your storage devise , PC or Mac computer damaged by liquid spill. Let the experts at EZ Data Recovery help you to restore your data and get you back up and running. Our technicians accumulated 35 years of total experience in software and hardware data recovery.

External HDD data recovery

External Hard drive data recovery

External Hard drives are convenient and easy to use. But external HDDs are vulnerable to data lose, due to physical shock and threats and data loss as other storage devices. If you have WD external HDD , Seagate or any other brand we can help to recover and restore your data.

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EZ Data Recovery operates across all brands, manufacturers, models, and operating systems. Our specialized software engineers have demonstrative experience in working around tools that can recover data from every type of hard drive failure.


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