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Hard disks are used to store data, they are both popular and reliable storage media.  Hard disks are increasing in density and come in different make, size, shapes and brand. The largest hard drive available is 24 tertabytes (TB), while SSD (Solid-State Drive) is much bigger at 100 TB, however, typical consumer SSD available is 8 TB.

Since 2007, EZ Data Recovery has been recovering abortive disk drives from every Operating System, file system, interface, manufacturer, and failure type with 100% satisfaction rate from our clients.

If you are looking to recover lost data, you can call us for a free estimate; we are available round the clock 24/7.  Or you could visit us in person to speak with a qualified technician.

What do we offer?

Data loss consequences are significant for digital device users.
EZ Data Recovery, uses current and technologically advanced techniques to enable the successful data retrieval for all common and unexpected data loss scenarios.

At EZ Data Recovery, our team of engineers are expert in treating all type of device and software failure including Hard drive and other External Disks, such as SSD, USB failures.

We offer all our clients a free diagnostic analysis. Our skilled technicians will determine whether your disk drive has recoverable data and provide you with a no obligation price quote and a turnaround time estimate.
Our data recovery process is safe, reliable and secure, as we conduct all data recovery in a clean room environment.  Moreover, we promise our clients a ‘No data, no fee’ guarantee. So you do not pay until your data is successfully recovered.

What to Do when Disk Drives Fail:
If your disk drive loses data:

  • Keep it turned off. Disk drives can also suffer from memory wear or other physical issues, and by keeping your drive powered off, you maintain your media in its original condition.
  • Do not use data recovery software or disk utilities on your disk drive, as they can further worsen the data loss situation by writing data to your disk.
  • Contact a qualified data recovery expert immediately.

Reasons our clients choose to use EZ Data Recovery services:

  • Free diagnosis and consultation.  
  • Fast data recovery time. 
  • ‘No Data, No Fee’ policy.   
  • High client satisfaction and successful data recovery scores. 
  • Round the clock customer service you can rely on.
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