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There are more than 100 million active Mac users; and 116 million iPhone users in the United States. With the average American household owning around 3 Apple products.
All digital devices and operating systems are subject to any type of failure be it physical or logical, and as a result might lead to important data loss.  Apple device users are no exception, but do not worry, we are here to help.
 EZ Data Recovery the unrivalled data recovery for Mac and other Apple Devices.

EZ Data Recovery has experience recovering data from all media type and operating systems. Our qualified team of experts use industry-leading technology to recover your lost data from any Mac device, any Mac operating system and other Apple devices.  As well as any storage system used in Mac devices, such as hard drive, SSD, USB or SD memory cards.

With over 15 years data recovery experience and over 20,000 satisfied customer; we are the preferred data recovery partner.  Our clear ‎‎‘No Data, No Fee’ policy reinforces our risk-free commitment to our clients. ‎So Call us now or visit our data recovery center for a free consultation.  

What do we offer?

EZ Data Recovery provides an array of Mac recovery services that include free evaluation of your affected Mac device and providing you with effective solutions.

Common scenarios for device failure are:

Physical machine failure:
EZ Data Recovery offer Mac and Apple device data recovery in case of physical machine failure, such as: Crashed or dead device, failed motor, damaged PCB board, fire or water damage, and other natural or unexpected accidents.

Logical machine failure:
We can retrieve your Mac or Apple device data when the device is physically functioning but cannot access data due to a number of reasons, for example: Virus infection, corruption, loss partition, accidental file deletion and accidental re-formatting, or lost password situation.

Though we cannot predict when digital devices will fail and when data will be lost, there are specific signs you can look out for in order to minimize impact of device failure on your stored data. The common signs of device failure are:

  • Unusual or clicking sound
  • Unusual error message appearing on your device screen
  • Unreadable or unrecognizable media
  • Error or Corrupt files message

If your device experience any of these signs, switch it off immediately. This will help prevent further damage.
Next step is to seek the help of an expert data recovery center.

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