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A leading center for life science research and development, Maryland is home to over four hundred biotechnology companies.  Maryland is also a leader in manufacturing, communication and other high-tech equipment.  Therefore, Maryland economy depends heavily on Information Technology and data loss scenarios present serious challenge to businesses and residents alike.

Since 2007, EZ Data Recovery has established itself as the trusted data recovery destination in Maryland.  With a client satisfaction rate of a hundred per cent and data recovery success that is significantly ahead of the industry.

We retrieve data from all different type of devices, brands, manufacturers, models, and operating systems.
At EZ Data Recovery, no data is lost.

What do we offer in Maryland?

Our skilled engineers have a proven experience in delivering successfully recovered data from any type of system failure or data loss scenario.

We offer a free diagnostic in order to analyze type of failed device data loss, following this step our data recovery team will provide you with a full report, price quote and turnaround estimate.  

EZ Data Recovery can recover data from any failed device including: Hard Drive crash and failure, USB, SSD and other External Disks, MAC and all iPhone models, Personal Computers, failed Servers and RAID.

Tips on how to deal with data loss due to system failure:

You should treat failure signs and symptoms seriously and with urgency. ‎If your device makes unusual noise or experience physical damage (for example motor failure, fire or water exposure), then it is advised that you turn the device ‎ immediately off in order to prevent internal components from sustaining further damage.
Similarly, it is recommended that you turn your computer system off if you notice error message or file corruption or if you accidentally delete data.
Doing so will ‎preserve your media and lead to the best possible outcome of a full data retrieval from the failed device or system.‎

To prevent your device or system from taking on serious damage, list all signs of failure and contact a professional data recovery service as soon as possible.‎

At EZ Data Recovery, our recovery team have decades of experience and with several accreditations. Our risk-free policies offer ‎unrivalled data recovery security.  Moreover, our ‘no recovery, no fee’ guarantee protects our clients from unnecessary ‎expenses and hassles.‎

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