Small Business Data Recovery Service

Round The Clock Professional Data Recovery Service for all Storage Systems.

Small Business Data Recovery Service

It would not be an exaggeration to say that all computer users have had their own experiences with data loss at some point. In many personal user cases, the loss is relatively negligible and can be restored easily. However, with the amount of record business data being stored digitally and our reliance on that data becoming critical, mass business data loss can quite easily go beyond minor scare or annoyance to catastrophic or business ending.  As downtime for small businesses due to data loss is disastrous, 40-60% of businesses will not reopen after data loss.

We offer 24/7 dedicated support service to help your business navigate data loss stress and arrange recovery service as quickly as possible.

EZ Data Recovery has over fifteen years of experience, recovering data from all type of devices including Servers and RAID, hard disk drive, flash drives, Personal Computers and All Mac and iPhone devices.
Our team of dedicated expert engineers will work round the clock to help recover your data. Our commitment is to safely and securely recover lost data in the shortest time possible, while upholding our 100% client satisfaction rate and our ‘No data, no fee’ guarantee.

Call us now or visit us at our data recovery center for a free consultation, no appointment is required.

What do we offer?

EZ Data Recovery, offers rapid and effective round the clock data recovery service for all types of storage system failures and data loss.

and Some of the most common causes of data loss organizations are experiencing are: human or user error, hardware failure, and software failure.

Call us for a free consultation if your system experience any of the following issues:  

User Error:
User errors, though not common, can results in data loss, may lead to catastrophic situations to your business. Here are some examples of user error scenarios: 

  • Overwritten storage configuration

  • Deleted snapshots

  • Snapshot management errors

  • Data management errors

  • Deleted volumes

Hardware Failure:

Even the best and reliable hardware may face scenarios that could lead to data loss to your business. Some of those common scenarios are:

  • Power surge

  • Failed hard disk drives

  • Failed controllers

Software Failure:

Business data may be lost due to software failures, such as: 

  • Failed RAID rebuild

  • Corrupted Metadata 


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